Physician Empowerment™ Suite

SE Healthcare’s Physician Empowerment™ Suite, a set of specialty-specific data analytics tools, contains solutions that empower your practice to be more successful in an increasingly competitive market:

  • Get the reimbursement you deserve from payers.
  • Make your practice more attractive to networks.
  • Improve your reputation and transparency to convert website visitors into new patients.
  • Retain current patients by uncovering issues and creating a better patient experience.
  • Enhance workplace culture for physicians
  • Enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Address critical issues like physician burnout, quality, and safety.

The Physician Empowerment™ Suite is comprised of three healthcare data analytics solutions:
The Patient Experience Platform, the Clinical Effectiveness Platform, and the Reimbursement Effectiveness™ Platform. These three, high-powered analytics tools provide your practice with:

  • Unique reimbursement insights typically only available to payers
  • High-quality data to help you build a value story to more effectively negotiate with payers
  • Enhanced features like a Five-Star Reputation Tool, Patient Loyalty Index, Key Driver Matrix, and the Performance Improvement Tools
  • Insights into hidden problem areas to improve patient experience, patient engagement, quality, safety, and overall practice performance
  • Hundreds of educational materials, videos, documents, and other content aimed at improving performance

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