Physician Burnout Prevention Program

The Physician Burnout Prevention Program gives organizations and physicians a proactive strategy for addressing burnout. This program is built to finally provide you and your organization with scalable tools to properly, positively and immediately impact this critical issue. The program goes beyond simply surveying by:

  • Providing physicians with the recognition and prevention education to assist themselves and their colleagues combat burnout
  • Giving the physicians the skills to prevent burnout through a training series
  • Providing organizations with an effective listening tool for their affiliated physicians
  • Revealing where your organization and physicians lie on the burnout spectrum
  • Proactively identifying high risk areas
  • Providing actionable data online and an organizational program manual

The 3 main components of the Physician Burnout Prevention Program include the Enrichment Center, the Assessment, and the Burnout Dashboard.

Earn CME credits with the program - up to 15 CMEs.

The Physician Burnout Prevention Program was developed by a team led by one of the most widely recognized experts on physician burnout, Dr. Dike Drummond. Dr. Drummond is a family practice physician who, having experienced burnout himself, has dedicated over 10 years to helping other physician and nurses restore balance, improve career satisfaction and reduce burnout. He has trained over 40,000 physicians and nurses, 175 corporate clients and has amassed more than 2,500 1:1 coaching hours.


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