Event Management and Risk Mitigation

Early recognition and reporting of events is the foundation of SurgiPROTECT™ event management and loss control program.

We will be at your side with a 24/7 event management support, assist with QA and our Event management is an important element of SurgiPROTECT program. Saxton & Stump's team of safety and risk management professionals are available to provide support to our members as events, patient complaints and service lapses occur. Event management can help you to:

  • Enhance patient outcomes
  • Reduce liability risk
  • Enhance patient satisfaction
  • Enhance your culture and employee satisfaction

Our Risk Management and Claims Team will work closely together - from event management and QA to developing a rigorous and strong defense.

Members have access to library of specialty-specific bariatric consent forms, documentation guidance, patient letter templates, and more.

Access the SurgiPROTECT™ Member Patient Safety & Risk Mitigation Services (log-in credentials required).

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